Monday, 7 July 2014

What Jade Shields has to say...

Her work is bold in colour, unprecedentedly intricate in design and shakes up conventional style, making Vogue look like a 70s ‘Jackie’ magazine.

I was eager to get in contact with young illustrator Jade after I got a casual notification from Facebook notifying me that I was tagged in ‘Jade Shield’s photo’…what I saw subsequently stole my attention for the next hour. I couldn’t believe the talent never mind the fact that the illustration was of me, from a photo shoot I did early in the year shot by Catherine MacKenzie.
Jade added more fantastical tribal elements that the photo already conveyed, but Jade’s vagrant pen went further and gave me a sense of freedom that I could only imagine, a realist in a surrealist world.

I caught up with Jade to get a deeper insight into her magical mind…This is what Jade Shields has to say…

"Hi I'm Jade Shields 21 and from Limavady, Northern Ireland.
I'm currently in 3rd year at Liverpool John Moores University studying 'Graphic design and Illustration'. I've always been interested in art but I also love music and fashion. On a normal day you'll find me drinking tea, listening to Ben Howard and doodling."

What inspires you?

"It’s difficult to pick just one subject but a lot of things inspire me. I love fashion using patterns within my illustrations. I also love fine art and textiles, so I try and mix a bit of everything into my work and experiment as much as I can."

Who are your influences?

"My work is influenced by fashion and I try to mix fine art, digital and illustration into one. Illustrators such as Sara Blake, Sally Faye Cotterill and Kelly Smith are just some of my favourites.
I love how Sally Cotterill illustrates current fashion trends, and her beautiful hand drawn typography she creates."

Where did you learn?

"I have been doing art since I was a child, but I did G.C.S.E Art , A-level Art,  and then moved onto a 'Foundation Diploma in Art and Design'. All of this was helpful for experimenting and learning new things. I am now in 3rd Year at Liverpool John Moores studying Graphic Design & Illustration. "


What is your dream?

"My dream would be to have my own company or be able to sustain a freelance career as an illustrator. I would also be happy working within a creative company. "



Where would you most like to see your work shown?

"Now in the digital age your work can be shared anywhere all over the world, at the end of July my work will be shown in Studio 1.1 in London and I've also had work published in Malaysia. I don't really have a special place where I would like my work shown, anywhere is a bonus as its great advertisement."


Which Celebrities would you most like to work for or with?

"I love Olivia Palermo, I would love to work along with her and create fashion illustrations as her sense of style is amazing!"

I’m honoured to have gained an insight into Jade’s creative life and find out her driving force behind her hypnotic designs. If Fashion were a drug Jade’s work would surely make us relapse.
I assure you, this isn’t the last time you’ve seen this girl…it’s only the beginning.

Keep up to date with Jade's propitious career and check out Jade’s Facebook Page at  Ilustration by Jade Shields