Monday, 6 January 2014

Edge Hairdressing Photoshoot

In perfect exam revision procrastination, I'm writing a post about the shoot I did for  Edge Hairdressing in Letterkenny, Donegal just before Christmas.
I did the shoot with the elegant beauty, Ashleigh who is the reigning Miss Derry and the stunning Julie, a member of staff in Edge Hairdressing.

After bracing the cold and the jagged bite of winter as I made my way to the Hairdressers, I was immediately soothed with a steaming hot cup of tea the minute I walked into the hairdressers.
The staff were so lovely and welcoming and I immediately felt relaxed. No-wonder they have such  a satisfied and committed clientele. 

I was led into the the 'bridal room' that had the most beautiful Parisian-esque, all-cream decor. I thought about how the bride's day is made so special by just these small touches of luxury and the endeavours of the staff to ensure that the Bride felt like an exclusive client on her special day. 

After having my makeup done and running about in a terry robe and being fed Tunnock's Tea cakes and biscuits I was summoned for the photos to be taken by the unbelievably artistic photographer,  Catherine MacKenzie.     I've worked with Catherine on other shoots which you can see Here

I wore two different looks, a Hollywood glamour look and a Tribal Queen look. The photos were published in January's edition of 'Local Women'

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff of Edge Hairdressing and I'm honoured to have met just lovely women. Thanks to Jacqui, Catherine and Darinagh. 

Thanks to Catherine for photos.