Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hallowe'en 2014

This year I don't have the luxury of time to spend on creating Hallowe'en makeup looks like I did last year. However, I did gather some of my looks and hallowe'en outfits from previous years.
I hope you enjoy and perhaps get some inspiration for your own costume this year.

                                                                       A Lion

                                                                      Evil Clown

                                                                         Sugar Skull

                                                             Comedy & Tragedy


Let me know if you'd like any more info/help- Ladychuckz@hotmail.co.uk

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Monday, 20 October 2014

A Roman Holiday

I've decided to merge the photos of my last few days of Rome into one blog post.

The Day after the Wedding

After waking up with the regret of having too much singing and too much dancing (bittersweet signs of a great day), I hobbled over to the mirror to assess the remnants of myself since half of what I wore to the wedding was now strewn across the floor, an obvious indicator that I was in a hasty bid to remove those beautiful but deadly heels.
My hair, oh my hair…it was a tumbleweed of dead curls that once had the bounce of life. Once! My face? I looked like a new specie of a Ginger Panda...and I'm saying no more about that.

The only thing that could have solved it all was a good cup of tea and something ridiculously sweet…but even on the continent that doesn’t apply since all European teacups are the size of a tea light candle.
Nevertheless I made an attempt to look half put together, padded my shoes with foam insoles, gel cushions and mummified my feet with plasters; my feet were in so much pain. (You've probably gathered by now that I'm a diva of sorts- I actually don't try to be)

Anyway! Dessert?

Of course, I found a Sephora and it co-ordinated with my outfit.

After I got my fix at Sephora we met up with friends at the pool which had a spectacular view of the Colosseum.
Gorgeous gal, Aoife.

Can I live like this all the time?

My friend Aoife and I decided to treat ourselves to a little visit to the hairdressers (We were too lazy to do our own hair) as we were going for dinner that evening.

We then were ready for dinner. After sunbathing, playing our own made up version of water volley ball in the pool and the trip to the hairdressers I was left with a fierce appetite.

My boyfriend Stephen and I
Stephen, me and a great guy, Conan.

The Last day

On our last day my boyfriend and I got up early, had breakfast and made our way to the Vatican Museums that led to the Sistine Chapel. We joined in on a tour, allowing us to avoid queuing for 4 hours. I cannot begin to describe the sheer opulence and divine ambience that I felt as I walked through the galleries and anticipating the Sistine Chapel. The beauty and the realism of the sculptures, statues and paintings almost made me doubt that they were done by the hands of humans. Unfortunately, they did not allow photography in the Sistine Chapel, and whilst people still took photographs, I abided by this rule out of respect. I can only tell you to go to Rome, despite your religion, and experience the city that, despite being an ancient one, will always have the most architectural, historical and beautiful magnificence on this Earth.


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Friday, 17 October 2014

A Wedding in Rome

I sit here writing this post whilst listening to the rain pelting off the windows, it feels like bullets wounding my daydream and bringing me back to reality. There is a soft rosy hue from the lamp beside me, it reminds me of its company with a subtle flicker now and then. It’s my only form of light now since darkness is winning the battle with the light of day.

I’m listening to ‘Benedictus’ by the 2Cellos with my earphones in whilst Peter Barlow is pleasantly silenced, sparing me from his insufferable acting, and letting me imagine that there’s a completely different plot…and I suddenly I think ‘What if I were a screen writer?’. – No chance Caroline, you’d not be able to turn Coronation Street into a Sherlock Holmes meets The Lord of the Rings musical with the fashion of the Upper East Side.
I give the thought up immediately.

It continues to rain, and I find myself in a daydream again. This time I find myself staring at a Weeto on the floor that I seemed to have dropped when I decided to have a bowl of Weetos an hour ago.
I stare at the Weeto and find it’s crusty circular circumference reminding me of the Colosseum, and I find myself lamenting my brilliant time at the wedding in Rome I was at recently with spectacular people who I’d love to be sharing wine with this very evening.
So, my blog post is dedicated to the amazing friends and my gentleman of a boyfriend for making my time in Rome one that will be remembered with all the eternity of the city of Rome itself.

Thank you for reading.

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